Montreal Muslims Marry Two Months After Meeting On muzmatch

31 March

Sumiya signed up for muzmatch looking for true love in an honest man. Mamadou was looking for a serious partner. They matched in 2018 and the rest is history.

Sumiya couldn't believe Mamadou was real in the beginning. “When we first met in person, I felt butterflies in my stomach,” she says.

Mamadou was living in the United States when he matched with Sumiya, who was living in Ottawa, Canada. The long distance relationship was difficult for both of them.

Mamadou realized that Sumiya was the one early into talking.

Mamadou mentioned, “Sometimes she was still on the phone with me until four in the morning, I was sleeping and woke up and she was still on the phone….She would never sleep until I sleep first.”

Mamadou took the leap and moved to Montreal, a few hours away from Sumiya. They visited each other every weekend and wasted no time marrying two months later.

Love for Sumiya means peace, happiness, safety, and stability. Luckily, she found someone that checks all of those boxes for her.

“It means having a partner in crime and someone I know always has my back,” she says.

Sumiya was inspired by her friends who married through muzmatch. She found her person, and is now encouraging others to find theirs. Two of her friends downloaded the app after hearing about her love story with Mamadou.

Watch their ‘Happily Ever After’ in their video below.

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