Her Family Told Her to Download muzmatch👀

8 April

Amreen joined muzmatch due to the pressure from her family to get married. She was 25 and single, looking for a husband. Her family encouraged her to set up a profile on muzmatch. However, it was important to Amreen that she get to know her partner before marrying.

Shoaib's friend recommended that he try muzmatch to find his wife.

His friend said, "Go download, if you’re looking for the right one".

It was also important to Shoaib that he get to know his partner before marriage. He wasn't looking for just a wife. He was looking for his soulmate.

“muzmatch was the only app I tried, and I got lucky,” says Shoaib

He matched with Amreen in 2019 and they were married the following year.

Amreen was excited when she found a match in her city but was discouraged by the age difference so she figured they could become friends if he was not the one. However, after messaging they both had a feeling they wanted to be more than friends.

Unfortunately, it became challenging to meet in person due to the restrictions and lockdowns in 2020. Luckily, a global pandemic didn't stand a chance against Amreen and Shoaib.

They started video chatting frequently to get to know each other. Amreen even helped Shoaib make dinner over video calls.

Shoaib had never felt a connection like this before.

"I have never met an online friend…she is the first, and she will be the last"

Amreen and Shoaib spent months connecting online over video calls before it was time for their families to meet. They met their in-laws in India and exchanged rings. Seven months later, they were married.

"We are really happy that we met on muzmatch…we are the lucky ones," says Amreen.

Watch their heartfelt story in their video below.

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