A muzmatch Marriage in Lockdown!

26 April

Aisha joined muzmatch looking for a husband. It was her first attempt finding a Muslim partner and thanks to God’s will (and a little help from muzmatch) she found Sultan.

Sultan downloaded muzmatch looking for a good, honest person who had the same dedication to Islam as he did. Someone who liked adventures was also a plus.

"I used a few apps before, and they just weren't cutting it," Sultan shares.

Aisha is a recent revert to Islam. She grew up in a culture where dating multiple people was common, but something she didn’t agree with. For her, it felt more natural to search for her soul mate rather than play the field.

"When I converted to Islam, it just made things a lot easier, simpler, and it made more sense to me to actually find someone I want to be with. I'm just that kind of person."

After only one week of getting to know each other, Coronavirus news and restrictions emerged. And just like that, their newfound romance was interrupted by a global pandemic. Fearful of losing the connection during lockdown, Aisha and Sultan decided to act fast before the pandemic accelerated even further by video chatting every day before they met up in person.  

"If you leave things for too long, you could lose that initial spark…we were enjoying that initial spark so much that we just wanted to meet and see if it was good… let's just see if it works."

With flowers in hand and overcome with nerves, Sultan drove five hours to take Aisha on a date. Sultan recalls being so tense, he dropped his water in the cafe.

Aisha chuckles, "You were nervous, I remember."

On their third or fourth date, Aisha recalls truly knowing that Sultan was the one.

"We went to a farm, and you stood in some mud to feed baby goats, and that's when I was like…yeah this guy is amazing," she says.

As the relationship progressed, Sultan and Aisha started to speak more regarding their relationships with Islam. As Sultan realized that Aisha was incredibly dedicated to learning about Islam, he felt genuinely connected to her. "I fell for your mind more than anything and your desire to just continually learn and grow as a person," he admits.

“When I started to see myself old with her on a farm feeding goats, that's when I figured out, yeah she's a good one.”

Sultan and Aisha were married shortly after in July of 2020

Watch their beautiful love story in their video below.

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